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Transformers: The Last Knight (English) Tamil Movie English Subtitles Free Download




In another world, an evil race of warrior robots seeks to conquer. Only one thing can save the earth from certain destruction: The all-new Combiner Wars Characters! Takara has given us the 25th Anniversary release of their super-rare characters, and it is quite the offering! Each figure is quite lovely and has the "Takara" packaging all the way through (save for the trailers and this article). Collectors can find the title character of Transformers Animated and Optimus Prime in both robot and car mode. There is also a backpack for the robot mode, but there are no instruction cards. In the accompanying card, you can see that Takara tried to give us as many details as possible on each figure. They even went so far as to compare these to the retail figures from over 2 years ago. We'll start with our red and blue Optimus Prime. The deco on his head is extremely faithful, with metallic bits on his face that pop out and highlight. His legs, however, are not quite as close to the retail version. This is odd, as the figure was never released in this mode. Another interesting piece of trivia: his left arm is the same as the newer version in Transformers: Prime, but is the same as the previous version in Transformers 3. The packaging has several little easter eggs. At the top, we see a picture of the character in the show, and we even see a certain Autobot (note: not Optimus) in the movie! Also, the character's name, "Convoy" is written in red. The back of the card shows off Takara's attempt at painting over parts of the figure, specifically the Autobot symbol on the chest. While the paint job on the robot head is pretty good, there are some issues. The Autobot symbol is partially obscured, and there is a lot of paint streaking on the Autobot logo. The Autobot symbol, however, is still visible. The paint work is very good around the chest. The back of the card also reveals a great amount of detail. Turn to the next character, and we see our green Takara Classics version of Trailbreaker. This was one of the better Transformers Animated characters, and even his trailer can't ruin his image. He is the first anime version of Takara, and he is drawn very well. He has wonderful detail on his face, and




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Transformers: The Last Knight (English) Tamil Movie English Subtitles Free Download

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